Focus on Mutually Beneficial Outcomes

Walkabout Resources (ASX:WKT) seeks to discover and develop high quality mineral deposits of materials needed by the world as it transitions to a low carbon economy.

Optimising the profitability of our mineral endowments, not maximising their size is a strategic focus of the Company. With greater profitability comes greater capacity to benefit all stakeholders, while minimising the impacts of our activities.

We intend to operate with and as a part of our host communities, not as a visitor.

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Our Strategic Choices

In practical terms, optimising the returns from a modest size high-margin mine allows: 

Minimised investment risk and maximised shareholder returns.

Walkabout Resources reduces investor risk by pinpointing economically robust, high quality deposits of strategically important minerals such as graphite, gold, base metals and lithium.

In order to maximise returns, we only pursue development opportunities of superior quality. This enables long-term shareholders to own a greater share of said returns.

Our flagship Lindi Jumbo graphite project contains the highest-grade reported ore reserve in Africa.

Low development timeframes, conservative operating costs and 100% lease ownership also contribute towards risk reduction at the Lindi Jumbo site, which has been independently verified as the second highest margin graphite project in the world.

On a managerial level, close ties to government and business communities in-country ensure an environment of mutual cooperation, further creating the conditions for positive results from all development projects.

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Investment in sustainability.

Walkabout Resources is committed to sustainability in all operations. We adhere to best practice industry standards for environmental protection, working with in-country partners to reduce emissions and mitigate the environmental impacts of our exploration and development activities.

Our social sustainability goals are backed by lasting links with local communities. Where possible, we hire staff and service providers in-country, investing in ongoing training and professional development to ensure a net-positive impact. When planning and assessing projects, we contextualise each of the 17 UN sustainable development goals, creating site-specific benchmarks against which to measure our progress.

In all operations, we seek to embed ourselves in the communities in which we operate. This, combined with undertaking only modest activities, enables local communities to benefit from our presence.

The lithium and graphite deposits developed by Walkabout Resources represent a further investment in sustainability due to their use in electric car batteries and renewable energy storage, together with a comparatively low cost of extraction and processing.

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Investment in a sustainable future for mining.

Walkabout Resources operates with a view to providing shareholder returns long into the future.

This is done through investing in economically proven minerals such as base metals and gold, while expanding into battery metals like lithium and graphite with high projected growth.

Our diverse portfolio of stable exploration and developing projects enables confidence on continuity of activity in all parts of the price cycle from both staff and suppliers.

These investments promote sustainable change and economic development, ensuring a prosperous future for both Walkabout Resources shareholders and the wider community.

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January 20, 2022Ceasing to be a Sustantial Holder
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January 7, 2022Cleansing Notice
January 7, 2022Application for Quotation of Securities
January 4, 2022Scotland Update: Walkabout Moves to 100% of JDH Exploration in Scotland
December 21, 2021Lindi Jumbo Project Update
December 17, 2021Change of Directors Interest Notice
December 17, 2021Notification of Cessation of Securities
November 30, 2021Results of AGM
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November 29, 2021National Grid Power To Be Delivered To Site
November 11, 2021Cleansing Notice
October 29, 2021Quarterly Activities Report
October 29, 2021Quarterly Appendix 5B Cash Flow Report
October 29, 2021Notice of Annual General Meeting: Proxy Form
October 29, 2021Letter to Shareholders
October 25, 2021Walkabout’s Tanzanian Vaccination Program Benefits Local Communities and Workers
October 25, 2021Lindi Jumbo Project Update: EPC Contract Signed and Construction Milestones Achieved
October 21, 2021Scotland Exploration Update: Drilling Commences at Blackcraig Lead-Zinc-Silver Project
September 30, 2021Appendix 4G - Corporate Governance
September 29, 2021Annual Report 2021
September 20, 2021Lindi Jumbo Project Update: Multiple Contractors Active
September 16, 2021Appointment of Joint Company Secretary
August 31, 2021Notification Regarding Unquoted Securities
August 24, 2021Results of General Meeting
August 24, 2021General Meeting Presentation
August 24, 2021Lindi Jumbo Project Update
July 30, 2021Quarterly Activities Report
July 29, 2021Notice of General Meeting:Proxy Form
July 29, 2021Change of Director's Interest Notice
July 22, 2021Letter to Shareholders
July 19, 2021Appointment of Chief Financial Officer
July 16, 2021Walkabout Transforms Board to Deliver Development, Production and Growth
July 13, 2021Lindi Jumbo Awards Bulk Earthworks and Civil Engineering Contract to TNR Engineering
July 6, 2021Successful Completion of 1:10 Entitlement Issue Furthering Lindi Jumbo Graphite Mine Development
July 2, 2021Change of Director's Interest Notice
July 1, 2021Supplementary Prospectus – Entitlement Issue
June 29, 2021Entitlement Issue Prospectus Despatch
June 25, 2021Institutional Share Placement to U.S Battery Minerals Investor Closes the Final Stage of the Project Development Capital Requirement
June 24, 2021Lindi Jumbo – Commencing Development Webcast Recording
June 22, 2021Milestone Reached in Stage 2 Companion Equity
June 21, 2021Lindi Jumbo – Commencing Development Webcast
June 15, 2021Entitlement Issue Participation Instructions
June 9, 2021Lindi Jumbo Assesses in Country Growth Potential
May 28, 2021Entitlement Issue Prospectus
May 26, 2021Walkabout Joins European Raw Minerals Alliance
May 12, 2021Walkabout Completes First Tranche Equity Raise of A$6.4m for Lindi Jumbo Construction
May 6, 2021Suspension from Official Quotation
May 3, 2021Trading Halt
April 30, 2021Quarterly Cashflow Report
April 29, 2021Appendix 2A
April 29, 2021Becoming a substantial holder
April 21, 2021Board and Management Changes
April 20, 2021Change of Director's Interest Notice (Corrected)
April 13, 2021Walkabout Secures US$20m Project Finance Facility for Lindi Jumbo Graphite
November 30, 2020AGM Presentation
November 30, 2020Results of Annual General Meeting
November 27, 2020Advancing Lindi Jumbo Debt Approvals
November 16, 2020Amani Hard Rock Gold Project Update
November 9, 2020Change of Company Secretary
October 29, 2020Corporate Presentation – African Down Under Conference
October 29, 2020Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form
October 29, 2020Letter to Shareholders
October 19, 2020Final Director’s Interest Notice
October 19, 2020Director Resignation
June 30, 2020Appendix 3Y – Change of Directors Interest Notice
June 30, 2020Glenhead Gold Project – Scotland Exploration Update
June 29, 2020Appendix 3Y – Change of Directors Interest Notice
June 11, 2020Lindi Jumbo Graphite Project Funding Update
June 11, 2020Amani Hard Rock Gold Project in Tanzania
June 4, 2020Scotland Exploration Update
April 3, 2020Change of Director Interest Notices
March 25, 2020Funding & Market update
January 2, 2020Bridging Loan Update
December 12, 2019Funding Update
October 25, 2019Launch of Proposed Senior Secured US$40m Loan Note Issue
October 25, 2019Corporate Presentation
October 18, 2019Notice of Annual General Meeting
October 18, 2019Proposed New Constitution
October 9, 2019Walkabout shareholders provide $5m loan to bridge funding
September 19, 2019Update on Funding Activities and Graphite Market Conditions
July 11, 2019General Projects and Funding Update
May 7, 2019Integrated Early Start Commences
May 7, 2019Placement to Fund Early Start
April 11, 2019Binding Global Sales, Purchase and Marketing Agreement
April 9, 2019Second Binding Offtake Term Sheet Secured
April 2, 2019First Binding Offtake Term Sheet Secured
March 18, 2019Investor Forum Invitation
March 15, 2019Resignation of Director
March 7, 2019Updated DFS Confirms Standout Graphite Project
February 28, 2019Updated Ore Reserve Delivers 17.9% Graphite Grade
January 31, 2019RAP Approved and Final Sign Off Received
December 20, 2018Appointment of Non-Executive Director
December 19, 2018Lindi Jumbo Graphite Mineral Resource Increased by 41%
November 30, 2018Lindi Jumbo Graphite Project Update
November 21, 2018Namibian Assay Results
November 9, 2018Share Purchase Plan Successfully Completed
November 5, 2018High Grade Extensions Proven at Lindi Jumbo
October 25, 2018Underwritten Share Purchase Plan Closing Date Extended
October 15, 2018Notice of Annual General Meeting
October 12, 2018Share Purchase Plan Offer
October 5, 2018Underwritten Share Purchase Plan & Development Funding
October 1, 2018Acquisition in Scotland Strengthens UK Strategy
September 27, 2018Northern Ireland SkyTEM Results Confirm Numerous VMS Targets
September 26, 2018Mining Licence Update and Resource Upgrade Drilling
August 30, 2018Mining Licence awarded by Tanzanian Govt for Lindi Jumbo
July 17, 2018General Projects and Corporate Update
May 30, 2018Walkabout Purchases Remaining Lindi Jumbo Graphite Project Shares
May 7, 2018Change of Share Registry
April 11, 2018Walkabout Projects Update
February 27, 2018Cobalt Discovered in Northern Ireland Joint Venture
February 22, 2018Rights Issue Oversubscribed
February 20, 2018Company Projects Update
February 14, 2018General Meeting Results
January 22, 2018Rights Issue Oversubscribed
January 12, 2018Notice of General Meeting
January 11, 2018Lithium Exploration Expanded in Namibia


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