At A Glance

Walkabout Resources Limited (ASX:WKT) is an energy minerals developer focused on the development of its flagship Lindi Jumbo graphite project in Tanzania.

With the head office based in Perth, Western Australia, as well as highly skilled project teams on the ground in operating areas of Africa and the UK, Walkabout Resources is committed to developing world-class projects that are run in a manner that generates exceptional value for their local communities and stakeholders. Current focus is aimed at the development of WKT’s high-grade Lindi Jumbo graphite project, based in south-east Tanzania. With market forecasts indicating a surging demand for graphite, the mine – currently 65% construction – is expected to enter production at the optimal time, delivering quality natural flake graphite products in the second half of 2023.

In addition to the Lindi Jumbo Project, Walkabout is also exploring in southwest Tanzania at the Amani Hard Rock Gold Project.

The Company has also acquired an exciting exploration portfolio for gold and base metals in Northern Ireland and Scotland and is conducting ongoing mineral exploration in these areas. Walkabout Resources has completed its maiden drilling program at Blackcraig in Scotland and continues to delineate further targets through a systematic, modern exploration programme. Projects Tyrone and Glenhead remain drill ready, pending final approvals.

Operational Integrity

Walkabouts’ strategy is to identify, explore, develop and mine economically robust energy mineral deposits in Africa. Our extensive African experience, combined with our considered operational integrity framework, policies and principles, allow us to mine ethically and in good conscience.



The Walkabout Resources strategy is centred on discovering and developing diversified, feasible mineral deposits across Africa and throughout the world.

Our resource mix aims to produce sustainable returns for years to come, designed around products that deliver value to shareholders and invest in a cleaner future.



Walkabout approaches sustainability with definitive targets in the areas of Environmental, Social and Governance practice in all countries that we operate.

Further, engagement and collaboration within local communities is paramount to our company philosophy of creating lasting value.


Walkabout follows industry best practice to provide a safe and secure working environment for all staff and contractors.

Since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, safety in the form of hygiene and the relevant precautions have been of high importance to the company. Walkabout has been at the forefront of vaccinating our people, contractors and local communities.