How We Work

Walkabout Resources have always understood the importance of operating with responsibility and integrity. To guide operations, a universally accepted set of values and strategic objectives have been established. Environmental, Social Governance (ESG) is a foremost consideration of the Company and the influence of ESG principles are evident in how we work. From active engagement and collaboration with local communities, localising workforces, through to implementing funding and initiatives – Walkabout Resources aims to leave a positive and lasting legacy in the communities we are privileged to have host us.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create and grow sustainable value for our shareholders through the best practices in exploration and mining by safely and responsibly exploring and producing essential minerals and metals for the benefit of our host and global community while minimising our impact on the natural environment.


Walkabout Resources’ purpose is to invest in natural and sustainable resources, improve the lives and livelihoods of our employees, as well as the people within the communities that we operate and to realise the full potential of our ability to influence and enact positive social, environmental and governance practices. 

Strategic Objectives

Our Values

Walkabout is committed to responsibly producing essential minerals and metals for global advancement and sustainability.


We take all possible actions to ensure zero harm to our people and host communities, while taking care to minimise and monitor our impacts on the environment.

We play an important role in the green energy transition, developing long-term resources of global critical importance and in all activities seek to leave a lasting legacy.

Our promise to deliver what we say, when we say we will do it – is kept real through direct, honest timely and transparent communications with all our stakeholders – whether they be a partner, customer, supplier or community.

We believe in equal treatment and take an inclusive, ‘local first’ approach to our people, partners and customers, this is fundamental to who we are.

We remain a diversified minerals company, staying focused on our core objectives and agile to opportunities that create value for all stakeholders.

Who We Are


Our Business

Employment and Procurement