Sustainability at Walkabout Resources

Walkabout is committed to responsibly producing and exploring for essential minerals and metals for global advancement and sustainability. In doing this, we also acknowledge our accountability for the health and safety of our people, our environmental footprint, building better futures for the communities in which we operate and protecting human rights.  

 Our Sustainability Policy aligns with our values of: 

  • Dignity, Integrity, Fairness and Respect,  
  • Transparency 
  • Commitment to Excellence 
  • Environment, Health and Safety 

Our response to environmental, social and governance risks is governed by our ESG framework and underpins our commitment to higher value creation for shareholders 

We have an important role to play in a sustainable world

Our minerals portfolio is aligned with our vision to to create and grow sustainable value for our shareholders through the best practices in exploration and mining by the safe and responsible exploration and production of essential minerals and metals for the benefit of our host and global communities while minimising our impact on the natural environment. 

Sustainable Operations

Community Engagement and Investment


Employment and Procurement