WKT’s Lindi Jumbo in Tanzania is WhyAfrica’s Pick Of The Week


With demand for graphite expected to increase during the energy transition over the next few years, ASX listed Walkabout Resources’ Lindi Jumbo graphite mine is WhyAfrica’s Pick Of The Week.

Global demand for graphite is being driven by increased interest in the electric vehicle (EV) and energy storage industry. China still produces more than 70% of the world’s natural graphite and the European Union and the United States have placed graphite on their critical raw mineral materials list.

Situated in south-eastern Tanzania, about 200km from the Port of Mtwara and 460km from the port city of Dar es Salaam, Walkabout’s Lindi Jumbo Graphite Mine is located within the highly prospective Mozambique belt, known for its world-class, coarse flake graphite deposits.

Construction at Lindi Jumbo is progressing according to plan and commissioning at Lindi Jumbo is imminent. The project is fully funded to production and will contribute close to 40,000 tonnes of premium natural flake graphite to international markets once in operation.

According to a report by Benchmark Mineral Intelligence in 2019, the exceptional high-grade orebody, the highly amenable metallurgical characteristics, and its sought-after distribution of large flakes within final concentrate (higher basket price) provides significant competitive advantage in capital and operating costs and is forecasted to be the second-highest margin natural flake graphite project globally.

Environmental Audit Completed

Walkabout successfully passed an independent environmental audit at Lindi Jumbo in December 2022. The audit was the first to take place since the commencement of construction activities in September 2021.

Under the environmental approvals obtained for construction of the mine, Walkabout is required to undertake an annual independent audit to demonstrate environmental compliance.

The latest audit was carried out specifically to fulfil requirements of Regulation 50 of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Audit Regulations, which stipulate that a designated holder of an approved EIA or Initial Environmental Audit (IEA) Certificate must perform an assessment to determine that all practicable measures have been undertaken to implement the company’s Environment Management Plan (EMP).

Walkabout commissioned registered environmental company NAK Limited to conduct the annual environmental audit. According to the report Lindi Jumbo demonstrates good environmental stewardship at the project area. “This was evident both at a site and documentation level, with a majority of the listed criteria addressed and conformed to,” the report states.

Following completion of the audit, Walkabout’s reconciliation measures include appointing an environmental officer at site, the segregation of solid waste at site and engaging a licensed hazardous waste collector.

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