2018 Share Purchase Plan (SPP) Application – Website Link for Shareholders


Shareholders will need their HIN / SRN to use this following website link to the Walkabout SPP Online Application

Walkabout 2018 SPP Online Application

When applying through the website, holders will first need to view the Terms & Conditions in order to be able to make an application.  Click on the Apply Now button and follow the prompts to enter the required details.  An email will then be received with personalised BPay details to be able to make a payment for the Share Purchase Plan application.

Alternatively, holders who have registered for e-comms may have received emails with a personalised link to their online application form.  When they click this link and follow the prompts, they will be able to make an application online and will also receive an email with their personalised BPay details in order to make payment.